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48 West 37th Street 6th Fl. | New York, NY 10018
Tel: 212-645-7700 | Fax: 877-645-1316

Action Media Technologies – Specification sales CT, NJ, NYC

An Innovative LED manufacturer/integrator that continues to develop unmatched LED solutions for Video displays and signage. A variety of Architectural replacement lamps and linear solutions for the Border light Series for architectural coves, strips and display applications. Very few if any LED companies stand behind its products as Action Media has a 5-year warranty, one of the best in the industry.

Antares – Specification sales CT, NJ, NYC

The leading manufacturers in linear T4 & T5 fluorescent lighting, featuring durable yet simple designs, our fluorescent fixtures have the versatility to fit all of your lighting needs. Built-in electronic ballasts provide a flicker-free and instantaneous startup.

BeadLight – Specification sales CT, NJ, NYC

Beadlight LED products combine style with unique diffusion to provide world-class quality lights and video effect lighting systems. The product range combines bead-light diffusion and animation design technologies to provide a cost effective solution to architects and lighting designers wishing to display scintillating and visually stunning effects over dispersed video arrays. From architectural visual displays to event and set design, the designer is offered the ability to form abstract designs with flowing and blended textures and animations, unique to the world.

Brightline – Specification Sales CT, NJ, NYC

Brightline has been at the forefront of lighting for video and broadcast environments since its inception. They have been acknowledged worldwide as the leading provider of energy-efficient lighting for the Video Conferencing, Distance Learning and Television Studio markets. The preeminent position in this market is based on the performance and reliability of its products and the depth of its commitment to customer service--as evidenced by a history of proven results.

Electro-LuminX – Specification Sales CT, NJ, NYC

Electro-LuminX® has spent the past 12 years developing and testing this exciting, patented product, Light Tape®. The company has completed development of a new high-bright lamp with moisture and UV protection. The construction as well as manufacturing processes are protected by two patents and several other patents are pending. A complete line of power supplies, Smart Driver™ Systems, as well as accessories which include extrusions for mounting and sequencing controllers are available.

EvoLight– Specification Sales CT, NJ, NYC

High performance Solid State White and RGB LED theatrical style fixtures, from Par’s to Linear strip lights, using only proven tricolor chip optics to create seamless color blending with uniform output. The LED video panel product can be installed both Vertically or Horizontally and offers a variety of pitch options for the production installation market. Thermodynamics are the key to creating any solid state product and they prove it with both output and longevity of the product.

Impact Architectural Lighting – Specification Sales NYC, Northern NJ

A company dedicated to creating tailored, affordable specification grade architectural lighting fixtures taking the flexibility of design out of the factory and onto the jobsite with use of multi-wattage sockets and multi-voltage ballasts.

Janmar Lighting – Specification Sales NYC

Specializing in new technology light sources CMH-T, CFL and LED in down lights (new construction, retrofit and re-model) allowing the same look for all ceiling conditions. We have also developed new unique CMH-T, CFL & LED track fixtures (made to fit most manufacturers track) using the latest lamp technologies with astounding performance. Ask about the only Par16, 20, 30 (20wT4 or 39wT4/T6) CMH Track Head and a matching series of trimless recessed adjustable light boxes all new designs in the market with more fixtures options in development.

LED To Lite – Specification Sales CT, NJ, NYC

One of the pioneers in high output LED lighting designed in Europe as Innovative and sophisticated LED luminaries, founded in 1970 is. Virtually any color in the spectrum can be achieved with full dimming capability from remote driver control system. Applications include broadcast studios, casinos, cruise ships, corporate offices, government buildings and world renowned art museums.

Le Lampiste – Specification Sales CT, NJ, NYC

Custom fabricating luminaries to meet the most discerning requirements or specification for over 30 years, with vertical manufacturing to control all facets of production from raw materials to finished products. Finishing facilities where proud artisans do the finest hand rubbed patinas on all noble materials, glass etching and painting, velour's and faux alabaster on glass and acrylic. Glass & Acrylic forming, bending and molding up to 8 feet in diameter.

Matthews Fan Company – Specification Sales NYC

Since 1992 Matthews Fan Company has combined ventilation solutions with contemporary design. The range of styles has expanded over the years to include a product for everyone. The products are handmade fans carry limited life time warranties, UL Listed products. WPT Lighting is a division of Matthews Fan Company.

Meta-Light – Specification Sales NYC

Meta-light Industries is an independent full time manufacturer of High quality cast, spun and formed decorative products with a diverse selection of metal finishes that appeal to both commercial and residential applications. They can accommodate both modifications and complete custom fabrication for private labeling or branding.

Pace Illuminations – Specification Sales CT, NJ, NYC

Founded in 1996, the products are designed and engineered to use high quality castings, laser-cut heavy gauge sheet metals, polyester powder coated paint finishes and North American ballasts. Pace is dedicated to help clients achieve effective lighting designed to enhance the visual environment and maximize energy efficiency.

Prism Projection – Specification Sales CT, NJ, NYC

The Reveal Series is the only Specification quality Solid State theatrical lighting fixture for tunable white 1,800K-8,500K equal to a 350w conventional source & full color wash range equal to 575w conventional source. Provides optics of a wash fixture CRI +95 with no color separation and it offers interchangeable lenses 27 Deg. (+5 Deg. Increments - 67 Deg.) Full dimming capabilities make this a truly first in the industry.

Semper Fi Power Supply – Specification Sales NYC

Opened in 1999 to focus on providing the world's best remote magnetic transformers for low voltage lighting while today continuing with a partnership with Gemini One Five has allowed Semper Fi to expand into the world of LED drivers for lighting fixtures. In using Semper Fi, not only will their LED’s "last the rated life", but now the power supply will too. Built to Last, with a 25 year warranty, our goal is to provide Only the best powering solutions.

Sinewave Energy Technologies – Specification Sales CT, NJ, NYC

The ESD-series dimmer is installed at the lighting panel, eliminating any need to modify or rewire the existing lighting fixtures and ballasts. With paybacks of less than 3 years, the ESD module qualifies for most utility energy savings rebates and tax credits. Designed to continuously dim HID and Fluorescent lamps infinitely from 50% to 100% (30% to 100% for Fluorescent lamps).

Thomas P. Richmond, Inc. / Wendel Fine Art Lighting of New York – Specification Sales CT, NJ, NYC

The only manufacturer who has improved on the original optical framing projectors for the art world, over the past 20 years they have installed projectors for celebrities & avid collectors in private homes, corporate offices, government buildings and world renowned art museums and institutions. Let us demonstrate to you why this is the only solution for lighting art.

WPT Lighting – Specification Sales NYC

The founding of WPT was based on many years of success from the parent company Matthews Fan Company which instilled the same attention to detail and quality. The decorative glass and metal lighting fixtures embody the feeling of custom made products yet at a fraction of the cost, with the ability to modify or design a truly custom solution to meet your needs. Lets us help you find a sense of originality within your designs.

Zoom Lighting – Specification Sales CT, NNJ, NYC

The company formally started in 2006 based on over a decade of experience engineering and fabricating a variety of formed linear fluorescent lighting products. The company is well poised to take on both large and smaller customized projects with every attention to detail and performance with an engineering dept. to assist with layouts and calculations. The reduced lead-time and pricing is further proof of the dedication the company takes to servicing the design community.

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